Keep in mind the netbook Crowdfunding is bringing it back Salon

“Since Apple rolled out the first iPad in 2010, tablet computers have become so ubiquitous and cheap that netbooks, the mobile device category they effectively killed off, have largely been forgotten.
The mini-laptops once were all the rage among students, writers and anyone else looking for a portable computer that could do a lot for a low price. Netbooks, which were introduced around 2007, were a great solution provided you could live with the compromises they demanded in terms of processing power and keyboard size. They also helped revolutionize the laptop industry and made computing more affordable in the developing world, where the hundreds of dollars that many Americans and Europeans pay for a device might represent an entire yearu2019s wages.
All that went out the window in a very short time with the rise of the tablet. The iPad and its imitators were significantly cheaper to produce due to their stripped-down hardware, lacking things like keyboards and USB ports. The simplified, smartphone-derived software inside tablets is also less demanding of the underpowered processors that are inside most such devices. By 2012, the netbook had basically gone the way of the Dodo as smartphones grew larger and tablets proliferated.
Five years later, a handful of companies have decided itu2019s time to resurrect the netbook from the digital graveyard, with the help of fans of the netbook and its even smaller predecessors, who have kept hope alive for years that their favorite u201cform factoru201d (in tech industry jargon) would return.”

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