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“Video streaming is now part of our modern daily lives, which means no more TV schedules and much more choice. If you’re trying to decide between Netflix and Amazon for your streaming needs, we’re on hand to help. Our Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video comparison review looks at price, devices, content, offline viewing and more to help you make up your mind. Plus, we also take a look at Netflix and Amazon’s lesser-known rivals including non-subscription options. Also see: How to avoid the latest Netflix scam.
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Note: Amazon Prime Video was once called LoveFilm Instant. For information about when LoveFilm ended and Amazon Prime Video took over, visit our What is Amazon Prime Video article.
Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video: Price
Netflix and Amazon Prime Video both offer a 30-day trial, so we’d strongly suggest starting with these as a way of seeing which one you prefer. You can go ahead and kick off your free trials by following the links below:
Amazon Prime Video free trial
Netflix free trial
Netflix’s pricing starts at u00a35.99 per month, and that’s for the basic subscription that only lets you watch on one screen at a time (you can’t share this with friends or family) and doesn’t offer HD content. The standard subscription model costs u00a37.49 per month, offering HD streaming on two devices at once. For Netflix Premium, you’re looking at u00a38.99 per month for 4K Ultra HD quality and the use of four devices at once.
Amazon Prime Video is a bit cheaper than Netflix, at u00a35.99 per month. Or, you can sign up to Amazon Prime for u00a379 per year, which also includes extras such as free next day delivery, Amazon Prime Music and more. This works out at u00a36.58 per month and is better value than Netflix if you order from Amazon fairly regularly and are happy with the video library on offer. Like Netflix, with Amazon Prime Video, you can stream to two devices at once.
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Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video: Features
You probably already know the basics, but we’ll sum them up here just in case. Both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are subscription-based media streaming services that you pay for monthly in return for unlimited streaming of TV shows and films. They’re accessible via the internet on Smart TVs, games consoles, set-top boxes, desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices, and are regularly updated with new things to watch.
They also now both offer offline streaming, but both have limitations. Not all content is available to download to view offline, but the catalogue of downloadable content is continuously growing for both. You can find out more about how to download content by following the links below:
How to watch Amazon Prime offline”

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